Kenmore Holdings specializes in waste management solutions for the energy industry. Extensive research has allowed Kenmore Holdings to develop innovative cost-saving and efficient technologies for the shallow gas swabbing and solids waste disposal industries.

Kenmore Holdings has developed processes to adapt current equipment and infrastructure to increase efficiency in traditional heavy oil production. In situ processing is key to increasing efficiency.
Kenmore Holdings was founded in 2006. The two founding partners noticed a growing trend within the waste management portion of the Energy industry; traditional methods of disposal had become stagnant and were not promoting innovation and new emerging technologies. The motivation for change within the established companies was not there. This provided an opportunity to carve a niche market into the shallow gas swabbing and production solids waste disposal industry.

Using a combined 18 years experience working within this specific side of waste management, the founding partners began to work with Petro Canada in the Medicine Hat area to find a new, more economical means of solids disposal.
2006 was spent doing small scale research and development along with data acquisition in order to determine the best possible way to save money for Petro Canada without any capital being spent to upgrade their current collection facilities. Kenmore Holdings didn't receive any funding for this research and was responsible for all expenditures. It was determined that the simplest way to save money was to eliminate multiple hauling (hauling to a facility, then hauling to a landfill.) In order to accomplish this, Kenmore Holdings had to find a method of quick, in field processing of the solids that would pass ERCB and Industrial cell landfill requirements.

In 2007 Kenmore Holdings was given the opportunity to work at a collection facility for Petro Canada in order to better develop their processes. Petro Canada only paid for jobs completed (solids disposed of); this allowed Kenmore Holdings enough time to perfect their process without running up a large cost back to Petro Canada. In summer/fall of 2007 Kenmore Holdings successfully disposed of all Petro Canada swabbing and coil tubing mud within the Medicine Hat region.
Present Activities
Kenmore Holdings is currently working with many of the Natural Gas producers in SE Alberta. 2011 and 2012 have shown large growth for the company. In situ slurry processing and disposal remains the cornerstone of the business.

In fact, one customer has seen enough savings to not only increase their swabbing and coil tubing, but to have also winterized their current collection facility in order to keep costs down during the winter. Kenmore Holdings has worked with this customer throughout this process and has been approached by other customers about similar set ups.
Kenmore Holdings Inc. will continue the development and advancement of current processes along with several new technologies still in the infant stage. Creating a working relationship with our customers allows Kenmore Holdings the opportunity to examine and refine the customers disposal needs. Heavy oil extraction from tank bottoms, Invert drilling mud recycling, Contaminated soil cleaning, Tailing pond elimination are all examples of what Kenmore Holdings is looking towards.
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2013 MHCC Award Nomination

Company President Tyrel Kenmore has been nominated for the Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce Youth Entrepreneur Award. The Awards ceremony will be held in October 2013. Good Luck to Tyrel and all the other nominees.

Posted on Aug 9, 2013 by Kenmore Holdings
OilWeek Rising Stars 2013

"What a big honour to be included in such an illustrious group of people. I am very humbled to being named a rising star." -Tyrel Kenmore The Awards ceremony was held at the Hotel Arts in Calgary and was followed by a workshop the following day featuring many of the Canadian Energy sectors best and brightest. Read More

Posted on Aug 9, 2013 by Kenmore Holdings