Kenmore Holdings has developed an alternative disposal option for Natural Gas Production solids, including swabbing and coil tubing mud. Through a unique blend of mechanical and chemical technology Kenmore Holdings is able to process in field and adapt to nearly all circumstances, at a price much lower than traditional disposal options.

The Kenmore method is also a “greener” choice for the disposal of these slurries. Processing in field utilizing a lightweight aluminum trailer allows for much bigger payloads and also eliminates the need to double haul wastes. Energy requirements are a fraction compared to traditional disposal methods.

Kenmore also offers a full line of coagulation/flocculation chemicals specifically designed and engineered for the the separation/coagulation of slurries found in naturalgas production. These products are 100% environmentally friendly as well a extremely cost effective.

Companies that are currently using Kenmore Holdings for this service have shown at minimum of a 30% total savings on cost of disposal VS traditional methods.
Kenmore Holdings has determined that using a chemical process, along with light-weight equipment, shows the greatest savings back to the generator.

Upon arrival at the customer’s collection facility, pumps are used to “jet” the tanks to get a consistent slurry of mud. Keeping the mud in a slurry, the use of a proprietary heavy slurry pump moves the slurry into a truck. As the slurry goes into the truck, the mud is mixed with a custom polymer blend through an exclusive mixing system. Within 10 minutes the mud in the truck is solidified and then passes all criteria for the landfill. Loading 28 mt takes approximately 1.5 hours.

All chemicals developed and used by Kenmore Holdings are environmentally friendly and are non-DOW regulated. Some customers use chemical flocculants prior in order to separate out the water and solids. Kenmore Holdings has a very efficient line of flocculants that have been developed to have a very wide range of use.
Kenmore Holdings noted that all interviewed customers were dissatisfied with the billing being done by the traditional disposal options. “ Mystery pricing” was the term commonly used by most customer employees Kenmore Holdings met with. To keep pricing simple, straight forward and fair, every load that goes into the landfills is weighed in and weighed out. A third party scale ticket is generated. These scale tickets are attached to every invoice and manifest given back to the customer. This insures that Kenmore Holdings does not over charge, or over estimate volumes.

Kenmore Holdings also discovered that there were hidden fees being pushed back onto the customer that were not part of the original bid. This is not the way Kenmore Holdings does business. Cris Kenmore, office manager, has over 30 years of experience; she has worked hand-in-hand with the production team to come up with the simplest, most straight-forward billing in the industry. ALL aspects of solid disposal are done at one set fee. $225 per tonne, which includes all of the following: testing, manifesting, trucking, processing and disposal. A simple formula using the third party scale ticket is applied; weight (in tonnes) X $225 +GST = final cost to customer. This allows the customer to know exactly what to expect when billed. NO HIDDEN FEES.

Kenmore Holdings is also not bound by logistics. If the job is in an extreme remote area, prior to the job, Kenmore Holdings will evaluate the distance to landfill. if the distance exceeds 200 kms, a small fuel surcharge may be applied. This will be discussed with the customer prior to any work being done.”
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